August 2018  
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6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Great time in the Holy Ghost with the word of God.
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Senior Pastor Samuel Scarber Jr.                       Pastor Patricia Scarber  



Pastor Samuel and Pastor Patricia began their pastoral studies as members of Gods Kingdom Teaching Ministries. Their Love for God and his people led them to start an outreach ministry where they would feed and clothe people in the community. This service helped to restore hope to those who were served. Since successfully establishing the outreach program, they organized POTLM in 2009



Pastor Scarber has been recognized in the community by the Detroit City Council, which has asked him to become a prayer connection for the City Council meetings. He also serves as a Chaplin for International Chaplin Association, which allows him to work with many different police departments, hospitals, schools, shelters and juvenile detention homes; etc. This places POTLM to be in a position where it can reach more candidates for its programs. In the midst of their full schedules Our Pastors continues their educational journey toward more degrees and also a doctoral degree in Theology. 



POTLM strives to enable those it serves to develop a relationship with God and to maximize their life experience. POTLM and its Pastors have a deep love for community growth,stability, and restoration. POTLM and their Pastors truly believe that POTLM  can encourage hope, food, mentoring and shelter to the people it serves, theirs gifts, talents and positive productivity will blossom.